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Touchpoint Analysis

How do customers perceive the touchpoints to your company?

To design coherent customer experiences, it is essential to examine the contact points between a company and its customers in more detail. Touchpoint analysis is used for this purpose. The dimensions of awareness, frequency of use, purposes of use and satisfaction, or their influence on the overall satisfaction with the company, are recorded. It also makes sense to take a closer look at the experiences and moments of truth at selected touchpoints. Depending on the research question, a touchpoint analysis can be conducted using quantitative or qualitative survey methods.

Depending on your research question and your strategic focus (e.g. customer experience management, multichannel marketing, design of new customer journeys for different target groups), we create a customised survey design. Together we determine which touchpoints should be focused on and whether the measurement should be ad hoc, continuous or event-based. After the survey and evaluation, you will receive concrete recommendations for action on which touchpoints have potential for optimisation. We are also happy to support you in measuring the impact once improvements have been implemented.

Felix Bernet
Felix Bernet
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