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5 Years of Footprints Research

Measuring mobility patterns via smartphone app: Using this method, Beat Fischer and Martin Bättig are modernizing mobility research. A conversation on the occasion of the five-year anniversary of “Footprints Research.”

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Brand tracking studies

Dr Michael Schrackmann is a member of the management of intervista. In the interview, he talks about, among other things, what to look for in brand tracking studies in terms of quality, what the trends are and why intervista conducts studies tailored to the needs of its clients.

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GOR Best Practice Award 2021 Win

We are pleased and proud to announce that we have won the international research award GOR Best Practice Award 2021! The GOR Best Practice Award is part of the General Online Research Conference programme. Case studies in which online research methods were successfully used in companies were eligible to apply.

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Events Market Research 2021

In September, we will participate in the General Online Research Conference. Also in September, the Behavioural Pricing seminar takes place. We are participating in the Market Research Week in October with several webinars. And at MRMW 2021, we will present a topic from the field of mobility research.