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Market research in times of Corona

The Corona crisis and its consequences

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the economic situation has been changing almost on a weekly basis. In addition to social life, the economy has also been severely affected. Many unanswered questions and uncertainties are currently shaping the situation: How are markets and brands changing, especially with regard to the buying and user behaviour of the consumers concerned? How is consumer sentiment developing? What will the post-Corona economy look like – and what must companies do now? What measures can be taken to prevent major sales losses?

Market research in times of Corona

For companies and organisations, making the right decisions in these times is more challenging than ever. Which strategies are most promising under the new, uncertain circumstances?

High-quality market research pays off. It provides you with reliable insights into your current and potential customers, your organisation’s stakeholders as well as Switzerland as a whole and offers you a sound basis for decision-making:

  • Identify what really moves your customers at the moment and what they expect now.
  • Improve your company’s decision-making by basing it on current, representative data.
  • Communicate in a targeted and efficient manner by aligning your marketing activities with the current needs of the target groups and reviewing them for their effectiveness.

Whether with a customer survey, a communication test or a representative online survey with our B2C panel and B2B panel – as an innovative, customer-oriented Swiss full-service market research institute, we offer individual solutions for companies and organisations on the effects of the Corona crisis. Feel free to contact us!

intervista surveys around Corona

  • The mobility behaviour of the Swiss population is changing significantly due to the Covid 19 pandemic. On behalf of the Federal Statistical Office, the Statistical Office of the Canton of Zurich and the ETH, we are conducting a mobility tracking of the Swiss population. The focus is on daily distances travelled and daily radii over time. Find out more about our Covid-19 mobility monitoring here.
  • Our representative survey for AutoScout24 shows: People in Switzerland still want to buy cars despite Corona. Some have only intended to buy a car since the Corona crisis. One of the most frequently cited reasons is that people want to avoid public transport and contact with other fellow human beings. Learn more about the survey.
  • Our representative survey for ImmoScout24 shows: Corona not only has an impact on people’s plans to move, but also on their search for a flat: flats with balconies, for example, are currently top of the list. Learn more about the survey.
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Felix Bernet
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