Meet your Customers in Person

A persona combines the archetypal qualities, ways of working, needs, objectives and preferences of a target group in one virtual person. Personas are very useful for sales, marketing and product development because, in contrast to target group descriptions, they are more specific, easier to grasp and more authentic.
Personas can be developed for individual products, e.g. software, a mobile phone, a website, a household appliance or a specific service offering. However, personas can also be created for an entire company (generic personas) and made use of when it comes to the development and improvement of the product palette.
The objectives and needs of the customer are the main focus. The description contains the information that could be relevant in connection with your offering. Here, personas focus on the things users have in common, what makes them more “representative”. Not infrequently it is only with personas that it is possible to create a shared idea of a company’s target group.

intervista develops personas for your company or one of your offerings with the help of qualitative data surveys (online diary with cXplore or in-depth interviews, e.g. ethnographic interviews).
Ideally, these qualitative data are combined with quantitative data surveys.