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Online Communities

Which format guarantees you a high willingness to participate, relaxed respondents, in-depth insights and cost efficiency at the same time, excluding geographical limitations? Exactly – the answer is Market Research Online Communities, or MROCS for short.

In the market research world, online communities are used to generate innovation or improvements in products and services close to the needs of customers. For this purpose, a short- or long-term online community consisting of people from your relevant target group(s) is created. In this community, interactions, evaluations, comments, ideas and contributions of the participants are triggered. Classic question formats alternate with exciting, diverse tasks. Individual tasks and diary entries can be combined with mutually commentable answers, forums, video focus groups and gamification elements. Such an interactive co-creation process provides a variety of insights. You can even take an active role and engage directly with your customers.

Online communities are ideal for supporting short sprints of 2 weeks or even long development phases of several months. Whether planned or spontaneous, tasks can be posted and you receive direct feedback in the respective development step or on your current prototype. This survey method thus supports agile work in your team or company.

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