What is the purpose of target group analysis?

For whom am I developing my product? For whom am I designing my campaign? Towards whom am I orienting my advice? For whose tastes am I designing my (online) shop? Who are my customers?

These are questions most companies need to consider when it comes to product development, marketing and sales. Knowledge of the customer is a differentiating factor in the market, and those with greater knowledge of their customers can:

reach them in a more targeted way

advise them more successfully

design offers that correspond to their needs

What possibilities does intervista offer for target group analysis?

On the one hand, target group analysis helps you to know your existing customers better. On the other hand, our intervista Online Access Panel gives you the chance to learn more about your competitors’ customers and thus to tap into potential new target groups for your company.
Target group analyses can take place with both qualitative and quantitative market research studies.

Quantitative data surveys (online surveys, where appropriate supplemented by telephone interviews) form the basis of customer segmentation. With our advanced analysis processes, we produce differentiated target group profiles for you.    

Qualitative data surveys (online/offline diaries or in-depth interviews, e.g. ethnographic interviews) serve to form a lifelike picture of the target groups. They form the basis of so-called “personas”. A persona brings together the (arche-)typical characteristics and patterns of behaviour of a target group in a virtual person. Personas are very useful for product development, marketing and sales, because in comparison to, for example, sociodemographic segmentation, they are more specific and easier to grasp. They illustrate a target group and thus create a common impression in the company.

Quantitative and qualitative data complement one another perfectly: the quantitative analysis solidly underpins the target groups with statistics, whilst enriching this with qualitative data creates authenticity and a specific common impression of the target groups within the company.

intervista is by your side from conception, to implementation and evaluation of the study, all the way through to the development of measures for the various target groups, e.g. selection of the right sales channels or the most suitable approach.