You want to understand how customers think, feel and how they reach buying decisions? You already know what, where and how often your customers do things, but would also like to have answers to the all too frequently unclear question of „why“? How do decisions come about? Why are they reached? What motives influence those decisions? How are brands, products, providers and their advertising campaigns perceived? Exploit the benefits of qualitative market research.

Using qualitative research we drill into customer decision-making processes, obtain in-depth insights and bring important – often subconscious – mental patterns of those customers to light. We demonstrate target group usage habits, perceptions, attitudes, feelings and preferences by uncovering the motives and emotional backdrops involved in customer behaviour.


This is how we reveal the background factors that are so important to the development of your services, products and brands.

You need answers – we ask the right questions

In qualitative projects it is vital to ask the right questions. After agreeing the precise objective, followed by formulating the appropriate research question, the next step is to select the suitable target group. Based on this, the recommendation for a methodical approach is generated.

The aim of qualitative methods is to critically examine each individual case and to derive from them a bandwidth of the most diverse motives and specific needs as comprehensively as possible. In contrast to quantitative research, qualitative research rarely involves numerical data, but works rather with content that has been communicated via language. It is a view into the full spectrum of life that can also be directed from an ethnographic or observational perspective.

Qualitative market research methods are diverse and fit precisely into the study design

Depending on the objective, we offer approaches ranging from the classic „offline“ research through to qualitative online research. With our customer experience research software cXplore we have available a modular tool structured in a way that allows us to match the most diverse question profiles.  

The most widely used approaches to qualitative market research include:

Triads (small groups)


Ethnographic processes (e.g. participative observation, ethnographic interviews in natural environments – at home, in the workplace, when shopping - or in situ in the business)

Within the scope of these approaches, highly diverse methods can be deployed in order, for example, to encourage the creativity of participants or interaction among them. In group discussions and workshops for instance, the „World Café“ and „Card Sorting“ methods have an excellent track record. "Empathy Maps" on the other hand are very suitable for target group analyses, while "Well-Being North-Star" is highly appropriate for concept or product tests.